What is the DragonFire Custom Shop?
DragonFire raises the bar yet again! Introducing the NEW DragonFire Custom Shop. An industry-first website where you can take your vehicle personalization and customization to the next level. You can create your very own “Personal ID System” to go with the “DragonSkins” number plate system. Choose color, number, name and sponsor logos to create a high quality pre-printed background for your number plates. Perfect for racing, recreating or just the cool factor. Simply log on, fill out a simple form and watch as your one of a kind personal background is created, then approve the design and we will ship you two pre-cut graphics. The days of pie plates and duct tape numbers are over!
Dragon Skin Plate
Custom Plates - Available Now Starting at $59.95
Click on the button below and create your own Personal I.D. and designs to go on your individualized DragonSkins number plates. Select from the Factory, Pro, Pro Sport and Sport versions with a full range of lettering, numbers, colors and background options.
Theme Plates - Available Now Starting at $59.95
Click on the theme plate you would like to purchase.
Custom Doorskins - Coming Soon!
Dragon Skin Door
Designed to match the new DragonSkins number plates, DragonFire is proud to announce custom DoorSkins! Featuring the same top quality materials and choices of graphics and colors, DoorSkins will definitely set your UTV apart!

Submit the form below and we'll notify you when the DoorSkins become available.

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